Late-Blooming Lilacs

Donald Wyman Lilac flowers
Donald Wyman Lilac

Due to a warm early spring this year, the peak bloom for most of the lilacs at the Arnold Arboretum was the weekend of April 21-22. However, over a month later, a few varieties are still in bloom (date of accession in parentheses):

  • Syringa x prestoniae ‘Donald Wyman’ (1991) – Donald Wyman lilac
  • Syringa x swegiflexa (1949) – Swegiflexa lilac
  • Syringa sweginzowii (1977) – Chengtu lilac
  • Syringa tomentella (1999) – Felty lilac
  • Syringa villosa (1907) – Late lilac
  • Syringa [Villosae group] ‘Mary C Bingham’ (1998) – Mary C Bingham lilac

Swegiflexa lilac flowers
Swegiflexa lilac

Late lilac flowers
Late lilac

Chengtu lilac, Mary C Bingham lilac, and Felty lilac flowers
Chengtu lilac, Mary C Bingham lilac, and Felty lilac

While most of the tree lilacs are still budding out, the Amur tree lilac (Syringa reticulata var. mandshurica) has started blooming.

Amur tree lilac flowers
Amur tree lilac

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