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The Harvard Square Turkey

A wild turkey has been spotted around Harvard Square for at least a couple of years now. Probably the same bird making an appearance on Universal Hub back in 2012, it has also been written up in Spare Change News last year and the Boston Globe this year. The Harvard College Naturalists Club posted recently about a few sightings.

This turkey was not difficult to spot. I found her dawdling just outside Wadsworth House in Harvard Yard this week.

Harvard Yard Turkey

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Mount Auburn Cemetery: Turkeys and Vireos

We took a walk through Mount Auburn Cemetery Thursday morning. We would go long stretches without hearing any birds and then, suddenly, we’d be in the midst of a birdstorm. One of the easiest birds to find was this wild turkey, whose gobble we could hear at a distance.

Head of male wild turkey
Male wild turkey

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Wild Turkey in Brookline

Over the weekend, I saw a turkey crossing the road in the Longwood Mall area. He (looks like a male to me) quickly moved into someone’s yard where I managed to get a photo of him.

Wild turkey
wild turkey

This is not the first time I’ve seen a wild turkey in the Longwood area. I once saw a turkey leading her baby chicks on Louis Pasteur Ave. Brookline appears to have a large wild turkey population, which has been creating some problems for the town recently.

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