A Fall Walk in the Arboretum

I went for a brief walk in the Arboretum today. After a couple of nights where the temperature had dropped below freezing, this afternoon was bright and sunny, hitting 60 degrees. A breeze over the meadow carried with it countless cottony seeds.

Meadow at the Arboretum
Meadow at the Arboretum

Despite the freezes, swarms of midges hovered over the streams and flies rested on the bark of a silver maple. I even saw a dragonfly madly hunting.

We are past peak fall color. A winterberry shrub (Ilex verticillata) stubbornly clung to green just as it will hold onto those red berries all winter.

Winterberry leaves and fruit
Ilex verticillata ‘Winter Red’ (accession 328-79*A)

A fothergilla shrub (Fothergilla major), on the other hand, has gone deep red.

Fothergilla in fall color
Fothergilla in fall color (accession 694-34*A)

A ginkgo tree has given up, a yellow blanket around its base.

Ginkgo tree with fallen leaves
Ginkgo tree with fallen leaves
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