Birding Leverett Pond

I saw two birds for the first time yesterday. First, a pair of double-crested cormorants were lounging in the middle of Leverett Pond, black but for their orange chins.

Double-crested cormorants
Double-crested cormorants bask in the sun on Leverett Pond.

Along the shore, I saw a brown creeper, spiraling around the trunk of a number of trees. This was also a first for me. Note the creeper moves up a trunk.

Brown creeper
Brown creeper moving up a tree trunk.

I saw this white-breasted nuthatch moving down a nearby trunk. Both were picking at the bark, looking for insects.

White-breasted nuthatch
White-breasted nuthatch moving down a tree trunk.

Finally, a downy woodpecker, a handsome black-and-white fellow.

Downy woodpecker
Downy woodpecker

Complete e-bird checklist.

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