Why Occupy?

A large group of people listen and respond to a speaker at Occupy BostonIt is good to have a place where people remember. Many are angry at the way the government, corporations, and media have enabled the recent crises and wars. Yet it is difficult to find a forum where we Americans can voice our displeasure. We continue with our busy lives and memory becomes fragmented.

The Occupy movement has begun to change that. It offers a space for people to converse, to learn, and to organize.

Many perspectives are voiced, making consensus difficult. However, the strength of the movement does not lie in its demands, but in its discussion.

Occupy Boston is the beginning of an ongoing discussion about the
problems with America’s economic system and how it has damaged
government and the fabric of society as a whole.
Occupy Boston’s first press release

A free and just society is not the product of a democratic government, established media, or a capitalist economy. It arises from the continual struggle of the people. The Occupy movement is the beginning of another in a long series of those struggles.

A couple perspectives:

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