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Occupy Boston: Stories from the Raid

Around 5:00 in the morning of December 10, 2011, the Boston Police raided the Occupy Boston encampment in Dewey Square. The next day, on a cold and sunny afternoon in Boston Common, members of the group told the story of what happened that night and the following day.

Following are some excerpts:

Occupy Boston protester
“We made a ‘sit.’ We sat down for justice. We sat down for Dewey Square. We sat down because we believed in the symbolism of that square, that space, that land.”

“Maybe it would have been cool to have hundreds of people pushing back and fighting but I knew when I went there that we weren’t going to win. No matter how many police officers were there and how many of us were there, I knew in the end that we were going to be dragged out kicking and screaming. In the end, I think things went exactly as they should have gone. I think the encampment came to a peaceful, quiet, and dignified end and that we made the stand we should have made.”

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