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Boston’s Dominican Parade

We watched the tail end of Boston’s Dominican Parade Sunday afternoon on Centre Street in Jamaica Plain. Loud and festive, the parading groups brought a lot of energy to the neighborhood. Dominican flags flew everywhere.

Drivers seemed to compete as to who could stack the most speakers on their car or van. At times, the loud music was nice, especially when dancers followed. But I didn’t understand why five cars in a row each blared a different song; all we heard was noise. Is it about the music or your speaker set-up?

Van covered with speakers
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Wake Up the Earth Festival

Every year, Jamaica Plain celebrates Wake Up the Earth, a paean to spring and to a successful push to stop an interstate highway from decimating the neighborhood. A parade wanders from the center of the neighborhood to the Southwest Corridor Park to begin an afternoon of music and people. Here are some photos from the parade.

Wake Up the Earth parade: child holding Wake Up sign
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