Spring Walk Around the Pond

We saw a couple birds for the first time this spring on yesterday’s walk around Jamaica Pond. A spotted sandpiper was hopping along the banks, trying to keep its distance from us. When it flew away, it flew low over the water.

Spotted sandpiper by the banks of Jamaica Pond
Spotted sandpiper

We also saw a yellow-rumped warbler. We could easily see the yellow patch under the wing but had to wait until the bird ruffled its feathers for us to see the namesake yellow patch on its back.

Yellow-rumped warbler, sitting still and flashing its rump
Yellow-rumped warbler, flashing its namesake patch on the right.

A few cormorants swam low. These birds have been around for a while. They hold their heads at interesting angles, a little too high, like a beginning swimmer trying to keep his head above water.

Double-crested cormorants
A pair of double-crested cormorants

Most of our winter coots have flown to their summer grounds. But one American coot stayed behind. Or did his friends ditch him?

American coot
The last American coot

We also saw a turtle swimming just off-shore. The red marking near its ear identified it as a red-eared slider. These turtles are common as pets. According to the Turtle Conservation Project, they are invasive in our area, probably the descendants of people who let their pet turtle swim away.

Red-eared slider
Red-eared slider, doing its invasive thing

Someone had planted tulips in the shape of a peace sign and a yin/yang symbol. Peace in Jamaica Plain.

Peace sign in tulips

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