Birding in Olmsted Park

A light snow fell as I walked through Olmsted Park. I didn’t see a single bird in Ward’s Pond. It wasn’t until Willow Pond that I ran into the Canada geese.

Canada Goose
Canada Goose

Mallard Duck swimming
Mallard duck

I was hoping to see some hooded mergansers to add to my life list.
Hooded Merganser couple
Male (large white patch on head) and female hooded merganser

On to Leverett Pond where I was thrilled to find four common mergansers.

Two male (dark green heads) and two female (reddish heads) common merganser ducks.

After watching a ring-necked duck get killed and eaten last week, it was nice to see a few more ring-necked ducks, this time in a group.

Ring-necked ducks
A group of ring-necked ducks.

We are firmly in the midst of winter but one of our shrubs, witch-hazel, is already blooming.

Wtich hazel
Witch-hazel in bloom
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